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Rashad McCants says he's getting $10 million from UNC, $300 million from NCAA

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Rashad McCants is about to get paid, according to Rashad McCants.

Frederick M. Brown

It seems like Rashad McCants will talk to anyone but the NCAA about the academic fraud allegations he levied at North Carolina last month. Days after reports surfaced that the university attempted to set up a meeting with McCants to discuss the accusations, the former star guard from the Tar Heels' 2005 national championship team went on SiriusXM radio and only made the situation more baffling.

McCants said both the school and the NCAA are cutting him massive checks, and that the NCAA wants to make him a leader in reform for the education to athletes. He claims to be collecting $310 million out of this.

Packer asked him: "Are you willing to have a conversation with the folks at North Carolina?"

McCants responded: "The question is what are we talking about, honestly. I mean I have a check being written to me from the University of North Carolina for over $10 million due to the exploitation of me as a player and the lack of education that I received. The NCAA has a check for me for over $300 million to help me facilitate these sports education programs across the country. These are things that’s in the works."

McCants' biggest enemy has always been his own credibility. He's been seen as an abrasive oddball long before he went public with these accusations. Check out Chris Palmer's 2010 profile of McCants as he was burning out of the NBA just years after becoming a lottery pick.

Does anyone really believe the NCAA is giving McCants $300 million and propping him up as a shining example in the fight for the purity of student-athletes? It seems like the type of idea so impossible that it could only happen in the mind of Rashad McCants.

According to the Charlotte Observer, UNC has made repeated efforts to reach out to McCants to discuss his claims. The school sent him a registered letter on June 6 immediately after the allegations surfaced, but McCants still isn't prepared to talk about it.