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Baylor played an NAIA school because they wanted to film another 'Coach Carter' movie

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Who would have guessed?

Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Baylor's game against Huston-Tillotson was the biggest head-scratcher on Wednesday night's schedule. The Bears are No. 21 in the polls and Huston-Tillotson is an NAIA school. Major programs such as Baylor play small schools like this all the time, but never in the middle of conference play.

Well, it appears there is more to this story than was originally evident. The schools were hoping to film a second "Coach Carter" movie during the game featuring the real coach Carter -- 56-year-old Texas resident Ken Carter -- playing for Huston-Tillotson. When the plan fell through, Baylor still honored the contract.

Huston-Tillotson somehow only trailed by one at halftime, but Baylor would rally in the second half to win, 81-61.

There you have it. No word yet if Samuel L. Jackson is in attendance.