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ACC ends relationship with basketball official Karl Hess

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Hess allegedly called a Wake Forest fan an "Egyptian ass" earlier this week.

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Karl Hess finally went too far. The controversial official, who once again found himself under the microscope this week after allegedly calling a Wake Forest fan "Egyptian ass," will no longer be refereeing ACC games, according to North Carolina sportscaster David Glenn.

The report comes after Mit Shah, an Indian man and the former vice chairman of the Wake Forest board of trustees, tweeted early Monday morning that Hess had called him an "Egyptian ass" during Wake Forest's home loss to Louisville on Sunday.

An ACC spokesman told the Associated Press on Monday that the conference was aware of the allegations and looking into them. Hess, however, was still allowed to referee Tuesday night's Boston College-Pittsburgh game.

This incident was also not the first time Hess had found himself in hot water. In 2012 he ejected former N.C. State players Tom Gugliotta and Chris Corchiani from their seats behind the scorers table during an N.C. State-Florida State game.

The move was later condemned in a statement by the ACC's head of officials. Hess was not assigned any games during that year's ACC Tournament, a move which the rest of league's officials protested by writing Hess' initials onto pieces tape attached to their shoes.