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Four days into the college basketball season, we may already have the most ridiculous finish of the year

LIU-Brooklyn blocked a potential game-losing layup and turned it into a wild, banked game-winning three.

Alright, college basketball, you've got five months to top this preposterous finish by the LIU-Brooklyn Blackbirds.

Jarred Jones of Loyola-Maryland attempted a layup that would've probably won the Greyhounds the game. But it was blocked by LIU forward Jerome Frink, who passed the ball forward, and a wild outlet pass made its way to guard Joel Hernandez.

Hernandez jumped with one foot while catching the ball and launched a wild shot as the game clock expired ... and somehow banked it in for a game-winner. The amazing plays at both ends of the floor allowed the Blackbirds to leave Baltimore with a 71-68 win to start the year 1-0. Still undefeated!