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Monmouth's over-the-top bench celebrations are the most fun thing about college basketball

Other teams have tried. But no benchwarmers have ever been as great at celebrating as the Monmouth Hawks' benchwarmers.

The Monmouth Hawks are perhaps the best story of the early college basketball season. The team from the tiny MAAC has taken on some of college basketball's giants and won.

They beat UCLA in overtime at UCLA. They beat No. 17 Notre Dame. And Sunday, they knocked off USC. The Hawks have proven they're not just some low-major. They're legit.

But more important is what's going on slightly off the court. Monmouth's bench players have proven themselves to be the greatest celebrators in all of college basketball. For every on-court moment, the Hawks' bench squad -- led by cousins Daniel and Louie Pillari, as well as freshman Tyler Robinson and injured forward Greg Noack -- has a ridiculous, coordinated, over-the-top celebration.

Between the four of them, they've played a total of two minutes this season. But they've made Monmouth perhaps the most fun team to watch in college hoops. Here's a sampling of their greatest work. We're hoping we'll see more as the season goes on, perhaps ending in an NCAA Tournament trip.

The heart attack

The trophy fish

The re-enactment

Specifically for after dunks:

The human scissors

The touchdown pass

The hawks in flight

The sweet taste of victory

After beating Notre Dame, they made a bowl of delicious victory in the locker room and chugged it. And then chugged some Gatorade, too.

The three arrows

The high kicks


* * *

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