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Davidson's Jack Gibbs drops 41 points in front of Steph Curry

Having the biggest game of your basketball career in front of arguably the sport's biggest current star? Not a bad Tuesday night.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

With the school's most famous former athlete in the house to watch it go down, Davidson's Jack Gibbs put on a show Tuesday night that was eerily reminiscent of the type that Stephen Curry was known for in his college days.

Gibbs made his first 14 shots, including six three-pointers, and finished with a career high 41 points as Curry watched Davidson trounce visiting Charlotte, 109-74. The performance made Gibbs the first Wildcat other than Curry to go for 40 or more since Rich DiBenedetto did it in 1979.

After the game, the reigning MVP showed his appreciation.

Curry, who topped the 40-point mark five times during his three seasons at Davidson, was in town because his undefeated Golden State Warriors are playing the Charlotte Hornets on Wednesday.

Of course it's not like Gibbs is a one-hit wonder. The junior guard is averaging 21.0 ppg, he scored 35 points against Central Florida on opening night, and his career game on Tuesday allowed him to crack the top 10 on Davidson's all-time scoring list.

Still, to play the best game of your career in front of your program's most famous alumnus (and arguably the biggest name in all of basketball right now) is pretty special. Gibbs will need to be special again on Sunday when unbeaten Davidson heads to Chapel Hill to face No. 9 North Carolina.

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