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Nebraska coach Tim Miles bans players from locker room

That's what you get for losing to Iowa.

Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

Despite being a preseason top 25 team, Nebraska has been a major disappointment this season. The Huskers have lost seven of their last eight games, most recently losing by 28 at home to Iowa on Sunday. After the loss to the Hawkeyes, coach Tim Miles was so angry that he decided to ban his players from the locker room.

This is no joke. Miles said he's even chaining the doors Coach Carter style so he players can't get in, according to the Omaha World Herald.

"There will be chains on the doors locking it from the outside,'' Miles said, "until further notice.''

So where will the players dress?

"Good luck,'' Miles said, glaring. "They're creative.''

The players will surely find somewhere to dress, but they're missing out on a facility "with multiple big-screen TVs and pool table and smoothie bar and leather lounge chairs and heated towel racks and I-pod shower plug-ins."

The lesson? Don't lose by 28 at home to Iowa.