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Bill Walton rants about America's marijuana policies on air

Bill Walton stopped to talk America's drug policies Wednesday night while on the call of Washington vs. Oregon.

Sparked by the recent dismissal of Washington star Robert Upshaw, a player who had failed drug tests earlier in his college career, Walton spoke about both the NCAA rules as well as the nation's laws. "There are people languishing in jails for things that are legal," Walton said, calling the War on Drugs "an absolute failure" and asking for President Obama to do something about it.

Walton -- a child of the 60's and 70's who religiously followed the Grateful Dead on tour, loves to wear tie dye, owns a tepee, and doesn't shower indoors -- is somewhat of a stereotypical hippie, but isn't exactly open to talk about his (hypothetical) drug use on air. He did kinda joke about marijuana -- although without  mentioning it by name -- with Jay Bilas during an Oregon game a few weeks ago.