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Brawl erupts during women's basketball game, forcing double forfeit

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Benches cleared and punches were reportedly thrown.

Update 3/9: Video of the fight has surfaced and shows the entire incident beginning with the foul. The fight resulted in 15 players being suspended.


Southern and Texas Southern were supposed to play for the women's Southwestern Athletic Conference championship. Instead, their game on Saturday erupted into a brawl forcing referees to rule the contest a double forfeit.

The issues began in the second half when. after a charge was called, two players reportedly started jawing. One player was pushed and the situation escalated quickly. According to Southern head coach Sandy Pugh, players from the TSU bench ran onto the floor and soon after that, punches were being thrown.

"One of their kids throws the first punch, and one of our kids was on the ground and someone was just pounding her," Pugh said, according to The Advocate. "Next thing I know, it was a melee."

According to Matt Samuels of The Advocate, the brawl occurred under a basket and involved players, cheerleaders and fans. Security had to come in and dissolve the situation on the court. It extended back to the locker rooms where a TSU player reportedly had to be held back by security as she attempted to charge into the Southern locker room.

TSU head coach Johnetta Hayes-Perry wasn't able to see much from her vantage point.

"It was very undisciplined by both teams and fans on the sideline," Hayes-Perry said, via The Advocate. "I thought after the charge both players were trying to get up, but another player pushed them and that is all I could see."

Southern was leading the game 51-49 when the brawl occurred. Officials ruled a double-forfeit and the two teams will share the SWAC title.