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March Sadness: All of the tears from the 2015 NCAA Tournament

The tournament is over and it's now time to look back on the saddest moments from March.

The Duke Blue Devils have won the NCAA Tournament, providing joy and instant memories for their players and fans. We couldn't be happier for those people and congratulate them on their success.

However, Duke's thrill means that 67 other teams had to experience agony. Painful, heartbreaking agony. This usually includes crying, and the Internet likes to capture those moments because we are horrible monsters. Whether it's the small schools having their dream seasons end or traditional powerhouses tripping up short to the bemusement of everyone else, there was no shortage of sad fans in 2015.

With that in mind, SB Nation presents the 2015 version of "March Sadness," a compilation video showcasing all the best tears and sad faces from this year's tournament.

Enjoy the video and congrats to the Blue Devils. For everyone else, this is all you have to remember for the rest of the summer. Hopefully you will have happier times when the 2015-16 season gets started several months from now.