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SMU's Larry Brown charged with 'lack of coach control' by NCAA

The 74-year-old Brown is in trouble with the NCAA once again.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The NCAA Committee on Infractions brought SMU coach Larry Brown to a hearing last month to defend his basketball program against allegations of academic misconduct and a 'lack of coach control', according to Pat Forde of Yahoo! Sports.

Former McDonald's All-American shooting guard Keith Frazier is at the center of the controversy. Frazier was ruled ineligible in January amid allegations of academic misconduct, which the NCAA believes is tied to former assistant Ulric Maligi assisting the shooting guard with his coursework.

Maligi has left the program, but Frazier is still at SMU. He's still academically ineligible and his status for the 2015-16 season has yet to change.

The issue at the heart of the investigation is what Brown knew or didn't know about Maligi and Frazier's alleged academic misconduct.

This is not Brown's first go-around with the NCAA. His programs were also hit with major sanctions when he was coaching at UCLA and Kansas earlier in his career.