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The NCAA actually passed new NBA Draft rules more favorable for student athletes

Players will have more time to decide if they want to enter the draft or return to college.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The NCAA has approved a proposal that will push back the date for when men's college basketball players must declare for the NBA Draft, the organization announced. Prospects will now have until 10 days after the NBA Draft combine to remove their name from draft consideration and maintain their eligibility.

This year, the NBA Draft combine runs from May 11-15 in Chicago, so the early-entry date will be May 25. Prospects will be allowed to attend the combine and go through one team workout before making their decision. They can do this as many times as they want.

The previous declaration date is the day before the start of the spring National Letter of Intent signing period in April, while the NBA Draft combine is typically held in mid-May. That arrangement benefited college coaches, but was not favorable to players because they needed to make up their minds before they could be fully evaluated by NBA teams. Now, they can at least go through the beginning of the draft process before making the ultimate decision to forego their college eligibility.

An 85 percent majority was needed for the new legislation to pass.

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