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A Bucknell player played the best possible half while all his teammates forgot how basketball worked

For one half, Chris Hass couldn't miss. And his teammates couldn't hit. The result is the most singlehanded performance imaginable.

Perhaps you've heard an athlete described as "a one man team." Forget any other time you've heard that term used. This is what a one-man team looks like:

Through 17 minutes of play in Saturday's matchup between Bucknell and Army, Chris Hass was the only Bucknell player to score a basket. He was 9-for-9, and his teammates were 0-for-15. He had 28 points, his teammates had three, and his opponents had 30. By the half, teammate Nana Foulland would score, making the box score look like this:

Hass was 11-for-11 with 32 points, and his teammates were 1-for-17 with five points.

Hass is the best player on Bucknell, averaging 18.4 points per game, which puts him in the top 75 in the nation. But 32 points on 11-for-11 shooting is ridiculous. Hass shoots 36.8 percent from three. That means he's got a 1.8 percent chance of going 4-for-4 from three on four shots ... and he also hit all seven two pointers he took.

But it's made more impressive by the fact that his miraculous half came in the same period when his teammates utterly forgot how to do anything helpful. It's not like Hass was the only person shooting. Bucknell is actually a pretty efficient basketball team, hitting 50.7 percent of its two-pointers. AND THEY WENT 1-FOR-17.

One time, my school's intramural office held a 3-on-3 tournament. Me and my buddies signed up. The game was played with twos and threes, and I hit five straight threes, probably the best shooting performance of my life. My team lost 21-15. I didn't talk to my friends for days. I can only imagine how thrilled/upset Hass was in that halftime locker room.

Whatever was said in there, it worked: Hass only scored eight points in the second half, becoming the first Patriot League player with a 40-point game since C.J. McCollum. And his teammates started scoring. One even hit double digits! And the Bison beat the Black Knights 84-76.

Here's video of Hass' game. There are some heat checks in there ... and they all go in:

This game was played on the road about three hours from Bucknell's campus. But you can still hear the crowd giving a little roar every time Hass hits a shot.

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