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The McDonald's All-American dunk contest will be in a real theatre with balconies and stuff

Here's something you don't see every day: a dunk contest at a super fancy theatre!

chicago theater

The McDonald's All-American Game is moving its dunk contest and three-point shootout to Chicago Theatre this year -- setting up the crazy visual you see above. The theatre, which was built in 1921, has a long history of hosting just about everything but live sports. This should be really cool.

The McDonald's Game annually attracts the future stars of college basketball and the NBA, and the dunk contest usually draws contestants that wouldn't dare compete in the same event once they get to the pros. Do you remember LeBron James' dunk contest performance in the McDonald's Game in 2003?

What about Andrew Wiggins a few years ago?

James and Wiggins won't even consider competing in the NBA dunk contest now. This might be your only chance to see basketball's next star cut loose.