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John Calipari tried so hard not to smile after his son banked in a 3 for Kentucky

Brad Calipari is Kentucky's new victory cigar.

John Calipari’s son Brad is a freshman walk-on at Kentucky this season. The Wildcats unofficially tipped things off on Sunday night with an exhibition against Calipari’s alma mater Clarion, which UK won, 108-51.

Brad Calipari made his debut in garbage time to the delight of Kentucky’s home crowd. He hit two three-pointers, including a banked-in and-one that made the Wildcats' bench explode.

We don’t know if Lil Cal called glass when he let that one go, but we do know his teammates loved it.

kentucky bench
uk bench

Meanwhile, dad tried as hard as he could to hold in a smile.

You are allowed to enjoy this, Cal!

Get ready for four years of Brad Calipari as Kentucky’s victory cigar. It should be fun.

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