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One Shining Podcast: Anyone can make the Final Four

College basketball is wide open this year. On this episode of One Shining Podcast, Ricky O'Donnell and Scott Phillips assess the top 60 teams on KenPom and figure out which ones have what it takes to reach Houston.

There are no great teams in college basketball this season, a statement that is looking exceedingly more true as we inch closer to Selection Sunday. With that in mind, NBC Sports' Scott Phillips and I ran through the top 60 teams on KenPom and decided which team in each group of 10 had the best chances of reaching the Final Four.

The discussion includes:

  • Providence know sit can count on Kris Dunn and Ben Bentil to go on a run. Will they get anything from their supporting cast?
  • Is Colorado a sleeper if they make the tournament?
  • Michigan has a lot of interesting pieces if Caris LeVert can get healthy. Is it enough to win multiple tournament games?
  • It's Dayton's time of year. Can Archie Miller's team do it again?
  • With Alec Peters leading the way, can Valparaiso win a tournament game or two?
  • Cal has a lot of talent. They can maximize their lineups in the tournament?
  • What do we make an Arizona team that hasn't had much hype this year?
  • Is Oregon the Pac-12's best hope at a Final Four team?
  • This is a Michigan State year, right? This is totally a Michigan State year.