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Is the greatest NCAA Cinderella ever NC State or Butler?

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The magical runs of NC State in 1983 and Butler in 2010 are two of the greatest Cinderella stories in NCAA Tournament history. Sports Court attempts to determine once and for all which of the two was the very best of the best.Watch on YouTube | Subscribe to SB Nation on YouTube

March Madness earned its moniker due to its wild unpredictability and stunning upsets. That madness has paved the way for scores of unforgettable Cinderella teams and stories over the years. But which truly stands above all the others as the very best Cinderella story in March Madness history?

SB Nation officially settles the debate with Ben Epstein and Rodger Sherman entering Judge Dan Rubenstein's courtroom to present their arguments. Sherman defends Jim Valvano's NC State squad miraculously winning the 1983 NCAA Championship, while Epstein makes the case that Gordon Hayward and the 2010 Butler Bulldogs' run that came within 3 inches of a fairytale ending is the only correct answer.

The two each make compelling cases on behalf of their clients, but whose is stronger? Could rounding up the tears of teams that succumbed to Butler sway the judge? Or would NC State's surreal ending stand the test of 33 years of time and prove to be too much to overcome?