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Wayne Selden's uncle Anthony is a new American hero for this custom DUNK CLOCK

Wayne Selden's uncle went viral Friday night after his reaction to his nephew's thunderdunk against Baylor was caught by cameras.

Of course the reaction is only half of the allure here. The other half -- or at least a chunk of it -- is the Flavor Flav-esque accessory hanging from Anthony Pitts Jr.'s neck.

After the game, an excited Pitts promised to up the ante for Saturday's Big 12 championship game.

"Last time I seen a dunk like that, he was 13," Pitts said. "I was like 'Wow.' That's my guy. I love him to death and I just want him to be happy."

This is just the beginning, though. Pitts said he would make another clock for Saturday's championship game. Get ready for it, people.

"Ya'll got me hype," Pitts said as reporters surrounded him after the game. "I might go get a big one with a mirror. I might overdo it tomorrow."

He was not lying.

Uncle Anthony is tournament ready with a new clock, new photo and the same level of awesome.

If Kansas makes it to the Final Four, uncle Anthony might have to sport a grandfather clock with Selden's likeness on it.