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NIT printable bracket 2016: Monmouth, South Carolina lead field

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The Internet's favorite college basketball team will finish its season in the NIT.

Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

The 2016 NIT might be one of the better NITs in recent memory, given the bumper crop of brand-name teams and slew of Internet darlings participating in it.

Florida won two national championships this century! Ohio State played for one of the ones that Florida won! San Diego State has been an NCAA Tournament mainstay of late, produced budding NBA superstar Kawhi Leonard, and is coached by Steve Fisher, who won a national title with Michigan! Florida State might have two first-rounders on its roster!

And Monmouth is here! You love Monmouth, right?

Kidding aside, a muddle of teams with resumes not quite good enough for the 2016 NCAA Tournament and a rash of upsets in conference tournaments have left us with one heck of a 2016 Postseason NIT bracket, in which Monmouth, St. Bonaventure, South Carolina and Valparaiso are the No. 1 seeds.

And if you, for some reason, need a printable NIT bracket for the purposes of a truly special March Madness pool? Well, we have you covered if you click on those words that are red in the last sentence.

Will you take South Carolina to win it all, adding to the Gamecocks' two Postseason NIT titles this century? Will you set up an Alabama-BYU quarterfinal that would be weird on a football field?

The choice is yours, brave fan. The possibilities are endless.

2016 Postseason NIT Field

St. Bonaventure Bracket

St. Bonaventure Quadrant

No. 8 Wagner at No. 1 St. Bonaventure
No. 5 Creighton at No. 4 Alabama

BYU Quadrant

No. 7 UAB at No. 2 BYU
No. 6 Princeton at No. 3 Virginia Tech

Valparaiso Bracket

Valparaiso Quadrant

No. 8 Texas Southern at No. 1 Valparaiso
No. 5 Davidson at No. 4 Florida State

Saint Mary's Quadrant

No. 7 New Mexico State at No. 2 Saint Mary's
No. 6 Belmont at No. 3 Georgia

South Carolina Bracket

South Carolina Quadrant

No. 8 High Point at No. 1 South Carolina
No. 5 Houston at No. 4 Georgia Tech

San Diego State Quadrant

No. 6 Long Beach State at No. 3 Washington
No. 7 IPFW at No. 2 San Diego State

Monmouth Bracket

Monmouth Quadrant

No. 8 Bucknell at No. 1 Monmouth
No. 5 Hofstra at No. 4 George Washington

Florida Quadrant

No. 6 Akron at No. 3 Ohio State
No. 2 Florida at No. 7 North Florida