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Bracket War Room: The West Region sharpshooting NCAA Tournament teams that should scare everyone

Let's figure out the teams in the West Region that can light anyone up from outside.Watch on YouTube | Subscribe to SB Nation on YouTube

With so many NCAA Tournament possibilities and teams to keep track of, let's take a moment to figure out which teams from each region could shoot their way deep into the tournament.

West Region:

Where does Northern Iowa match up particularly well vs. Texas?

•Just how good is Buddy Hield?


Midwest Region

•Where does the nation's most efficient three point shooter play? Hint: It's somewhere small!

•Virginia vs. Michigan State: Who do you have if things are getting settled from way downtown?

•Can Little Rock shoot their way past a much bigger Purdue team?

South Region

•Cal's best players aren't great shooters, but which Bear could be the cause for heartache in the South?

•Colorado has a shooting identity, but which Buffalo could turn UConn's lights out?

East Region

•What's the difference in this year's Indiana team behind the arc that could see the Hoosiers upsetting their way to the Sweet 16?

•What needs to happen for Michigan to get out of the play-in round and over Notre Dame to the round of 32?