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Baylor's Taurean Prince had the perfect answer to how Yale out-rebounded Baylor

You can understand why Prince is salty right now.

Baylor was upset in the round of 64 again on Thursday, a feeling star forward Taurean Prince is all too familiar with after watching his season end against Georgia State in the opening round a year ago. Yale was simply the tougher, better coached team, out-rebounding the Bears 36-32 and shooting over 53 percent from the field.

Just don't ask Prince how it happened. The senior just saw his college career end, and he's feeling pretty salty about it.

For what it's worth, both of these teams know how to rebound the ball. Yale is No. 6 in offensive rebounding rate and No. 7 in defensive rebounding rate. Baylor was No. 3 in offensive rebounding, but No. 128 in defensive rebounding.

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