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March Madness 2016: Teams that now have the easiest NCAA Tournament roads

Let's look at who has benefited from this year's historic level of upsets.Watch on YouTube | Subscribe to SB Nation on YouTube

An incredible first round of the 2016 NCAA Tournament has done more than just bust your bracket — it's blown up the roads to the Final Four many teams had before them, and created some very favorable circumstances for certain teams.

Take No. 3 Utah, for example. The Utes had a loaded bottom half of the Midwest Region bracket to deal with coming into March Madness, with No. 2 Michigan State lurking and No. 6 Seton Hall coming in off a brilliant run in the Big East Tournament. But No. 11 Gonzaga took care of the Pirates, No. 15 Middle Tennessee State upset the Spartans and No. 10 Syracuse thumped No. 7 Dayton, giving the Utes a chance to make the Elite Eight without ever seeing a single-digit seed. Even though Gonzaga isn't your average No. 11 seed, that's a gift.

No. 2 Xavier, too, is the beneficiary of chaos. No. 3 West Virginia's vaunted press is no longer part of the East Region, and while No. 7 Wisconsin's grinding style isn't a low hurdle to the Sweet Sixteen, both No. 6 Notre Dame and No. 14 Stephen F. Austin are theoretically lesser challenges at that level.

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