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Villanova's Daniel Ochefu teaches us about perseverance after getting stuffed by the rim

♫ If at first you don't succeeeeeed ♫

The NCAA Tournament isn't just about basketball, it's about heart and desire and determination and other words like that. Allow Villanova's Daniel Ochefu to tell you a story of perseverance in two dunks -- one that worked, and one that didn't.

Ochefu, who is recovering from a sprained ankle, got the ball with nobody between him and the basket, elevated ... and got stuffed by the rim. He was too far under the rim and didn't elevate high enough. He managed to hold onto the ball, but almost traveled while stumbling backwards after recovering it.

He dished the ball out, grabbed an offensive rebound after a teammate missed a shot and found himself once again with nobody between him and the basket. He rose towards the rim. Would he succeed? Or would he once again prove that he had no ups?

This time, he dunked. It's almost more satisfying than if he had actually dunked the first one.

Thank you, Daniel Ochefu, for teaching us about heart and desire and determination and perseverance and more words like those.