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March Madness 2016 streaming: How to watch the NCAA Tournament live online

Get ready for an action-packed regional round.

The first weekend of March Madness is in the books, and it has been incredible. We had arguably the biggest upset of all-time, with No. 15-seed Middle Tennessee State beating No. 2-seed Michigan State, which many people thought was going to win it all. Every lower seed except No. 16 had at least one winner, and there was plenty of drama to go around, from buzzer beaters (hey there, Northern Iowa and Wisconsin) to collapses (hey again, Northern Iowa).

That sets up an incredible round of Sweet Sixteen and Elite Eight matchups. North Carolina and Indiana are playing some of the best basketball in the country, and they'll play for a chance to take on the Wisconsin-Notre Dame winner in the Elite Eight. The winner of that region will take on the winner in the Midwest, which features Virginia-Iowa State and Syracuse-Gonzaga. There might not be two more contrasting styles in the country than Virginia and Iowa State, as the Cyclones will try to run the court and the Cavaliers will try to slow them down.

Former Big 12 rivals Oklahoma and Texas A&M meet in the West for the opportunity to take on the winner of high-scoring Duke and Oregon. There's a lot of scoring in the South, too, where Villanova and Miami will meet for the chance to take on the winner of Kansas and Maryland — two of the most talented teams in college basketball — in the Elite Eight.

Games will take place from Thursday through Sunday. You can watch all the games on CBS and TBS or online at