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Chasing Cinderella 2016: Notre Dame basketball

With Notre Dame set to square off against North Carolina in the Elite 8, is it fair to classify the Irish's run as a Cinderella story?Watch on YouTube | Subscribe to SB Nation on YouTube

Notre Dame isn't a likely candidate for Cinderella status -- they've enjoyed recent success in the NCAA tournament, beaten some of college basketball's biggest traditional powers, and earned the respect of media members and fans alike. But in a tournament that's still got blue bloods like Kansas, Duke, UNC, and Indiana alive, somebody's got to take on the role of Underdog We As A Country All Rally Around. Thanks a lot, Northern Iowa.

Ultimately, it's up to the College Basketball Fairy Godfather to decide: is Notre Dame basketball too accomplished to be considered a Cinderella at this point, or is the glass slipper finding a home in South Bend? (Please note -- the College Basketball Fairy Godfather grew up rooting for USC football, and we at SB Nation take no responsibility for his disregard for the feelings of Notre Dame fans. We think you're wonderful and deserve all the love and respect in the world.)