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Chasing Cinderella 2016: Syracuse basketball

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With Syracuse making it to the Final Four, is it fair to classify the Orange's run as a Cinderella story?Watch on YouTube | Subscribe to SB Nation on YouTube

Syracuse isn't a likely candidate for Cinderella status - they've historically been a basketball school, have enjoyed some recent success in the NCAA tournament, and have won a championship. But somebody's got to take on the role of Underdog We As A Country All Rally Around. Thanks a lot, Northern Iowa.

On the other hand, the Orange also lost 13 games, including getting bounced by Pitt in their first game of the ACC Tournament - their 5th loss in 6 games heading into Selection Sunday. For much of the season, no one has taken them seriously, and many believe they shouldn't have even made the Tournament. Yet here they are - surging into the Final Four after knocking off Dayton, Middle Tennessee State, Gonzaga, and, after a furious comeback, Virginia.

Ultimately, it's up to the College Basketball Fairy Godfather to decide: is Syracuse basketball too accomplished to be considered a Cinderella at this point, or is the glass slipper finding a home in upstate New York?