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Chasing Cinderella 2016: Gonzaga basketball

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With Gonzaga set to square off against Syracuse in the Sweet 16, is it fair to classify the Bulldogs' run as a Cinderella story?Watch on YouTube | Subscribe to SB Nation on YouTube

Gonzaga isn't a likely candidate for Cinderella status - they're gunning for their second consecutive Elite 8 appearance, beaten some of college basketball's biggest traditional powers, produced the NBA's all-time leader in assists and steals, and earned the respect of media and fans. But in a tournament that's still got blue bloods like Kansas, UNC, and Indiana alive, somebody's got to take on the role of Underdog We As A Country All Rally Around. Thanks a lot, Northern Iowa.

On the other hand, their body of work over the course of the entire season left quite a bit to be desired. They really only snuck into the tourney -- as an 11 seed -- due to having won the West Coast Conference title ... not exactly something to write home about.

Ultimately, it's up to the College Basketball Fairy Godfather to decide: is Gonzaga basketball too accomplished to be considered a Cinderella at this point, or is the glass slipper finding a home in Spokane?