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Pitt just hired a coach who intentionally screwed over one of Pitt's best players

It could get pretty awkward between the new Panthers coach and one of his senior leaders.

Kevin Stallings is going to Pitt. The longtime Vanderbilt coach agreed to a six-year contract to leave the Commodores for the Panthers on Sunday.

On the surface, Stallings seems like an okay hire. At Vanderbilt since 1999, Stallings has amassed a career record of 332-220, good for a .601 winning percentage. Of course, his conference record in the notoriously questionable SEC is only .493, and he'll be going to a conference that made up half of this year's Elite Eight.

Here's where it gets awkward: Sheldon Jeter, one of Pitt's best players and a senior next season, played for Stallings at Vanderbilt as a freshman. When Jeter decided to transfer to be closer to home (he's from western Pennsylvania), Stallings responded by blocking the move. Vanderbilt eventually relented and Jeter got to Pitt, but you can imagine Jeter isn't thrilled about his new coach being a guy who once tried to screw him over.

Jeter responded the only way college kids know how: by subtweeting about the hire with a Joker meme on Twitter:

More good news for Pitt: fans hate the hire. Wait, that's not good news.

There's a lot more of these.

Not convinced that Stallings may not be the man for the job at Pitt yet? Well, he did once threaten to kill one of his players. That's pretty serious. Wade Baldwin IV must have done something incredibly heinous to warrant such a vile response from his coach and mentor!

Oh, he just taunted an opposing player after a win? Cool. Good. Way to keep a level head, coach.

So, congrats Pittsburgh! You just made a very uninspiring hire, but at least you've still got Primanti Brothers.

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