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Buddy Hield vs Steph Curry (and the world)

Let’s dissect only the most important Final Four storylines.Watch on YouTube | Subscribe to SB Nation on YouTube

With the 2016 NCAA Tournament down to a quartet of teams, we attempt to answer the following questions:

• If you’re not a fan of the Syracuse Orange, North Carolina Tar Heels, Villanova Wildcats, or Oklahoma Sooners, what events or things should you be rooting for this weekend? Answers may or may not be related to a coach’s health, finances, and a particularly terrifying mascot.

• Who or what, if anything, can stop Oklahoma star Buddy Hield? Could it be an Arcidiacono? Could a current NBA star have outshot Hield in college? Are there another group of athletes (or animals) that stand a chance? Maybe!

• Is there a vast conspiracy involving Villanova coach Jay Wright, Oklahoma coach Lon Kruger, North Carolina coach Roy Williams, and Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim? The answer just may shock you!

All this AND our very own Seth Rosenthal showing off the tendencies of some of the tournament’s biggest stars!