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SEC Tournament 2016: Bracket, schedule and scores

The SEC Tournament has a lot of bubble implications.

The SEC might not have the elite teams that the ACC, Big Ten or Big 12 boast, but the league's conference tournament arguably has the most important bubble implications of any power conference.

Florida, Alabama and, to a lesser extent, Vanderbilt, are all on the bubble and need wins in the SEC Tournament to ensure that they'll be in the field of 68 next week. Others are jockeying for position. Kentucky and Texas A&M are both trying to get higher seeds, as they've already locked up pretty solid ones, while South Carolina is trying to avoid an eight-nine game.

The SEC Tournament hasn't always been predictable. Kentucky ran through it last year, but the Wildcats lost in the tournament during their 2011-12 National Championship run. Moreover, both UK and Texas A&M -- the favorites -- have perplexing losses. Kentucky has lost to both Auburn and Tennessee, while Texas A&M has lost to Arkansas and LSU.

The bubble teams will be hoping they can win big against the favorites.

The Format

Missouri is banned from the postseason this year, so the tournament has a weird, 13-team format. Only the bottom two teams, No. 12 Tennessee and No. 13 Auburn, play on the first day of the tournament. The winner of that matchup plays No. 5 Vanderbilt. Also in the second round: No. 8 Florida vs. No. 9 Arkansas, No. 7 Ole Miss vs. No. 10 Alabama and No. 6 Georgia vs. No. 11 Mississippi State. The top four teams -- No. 1 Texas A&M, No. 2 Kentucky, No. 3 South Carolina and No. 4 LSU -- get double byes.

The Teams

1. Texas A&M
2. Kentucky
3. South Carolina
4. LSU
5. Vanderbilt
6. Georgia
7. Ole Miss
8. Florida
9. Arkansas
10. Alabama
11. Mississippi State
12. Tennessee
13. Auburn

The Bracket

You can see the whole bracket here. You can stream the games on WatchESPN.

Schedule and Results (all times Eastern)

Wednesday, March 9 (First Round)

Game 1: No. 12 Tennessee 97, No. 13 Auburn 59

Thursday, March 10 (Second Round)

Game 2: No. 8 Florida 68, vs. No. 9 Arkansas 61
Game 3: No. 12 Tennessee 67, No. 5 Vanderbilt 65
Game 4: No. 10 Alabama 81, No. 7 Ole Miss 73
Game 5: No. 6 Georgia 79, No. 11 Mississippi State 69

Friday, March 11 (Quarterfinals)

Game 6: No. 1 Texas A&M 72, No. 8 Florida 66
Game 7: No. 4 LSU 84, No. 12 Tennessee 75
Game 8: No. 2 Kentucky 85, No. 10 Alabama  59
Game 9: No. 6 Georgia 65, No. 3 South Carolina 64

Saturday, March 12 (Semifinals)

Game 10: No. 1 Texas A&M 71, No. 4 LSU  38
Game 11: No. 2 Kentucky 93, No. 6 Georgia 80

Sunday, March 13 (Championship)

Game 12: No. 2 Kentucky 82, No. 1 Texas A&M 77 (OT)