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Michael Jordan showed his softer side in championship game interview with Craig Sager

The famous meme and North Carolina great is at the Final Four in Houston and he had a nice moment with sideline reporter Craig Sager.

Popular Internet meme Michael Jordan happened to attend North Carolina in the early 1980s before he went on to a relatively successful career in American professional basketball.

Jordan, who nowadays splits his time between being an owner of the NBA's Charlotte Hornets and being photoshopped onto the faces of losing sports figures, made an appearance at the Final Four in Houston on Monday night. That's where his Tar Heels are facing Villanova for the national championship, so Jordan joined Craig Sager, Turner's inspiring sideline reporter, for a nice interview during the second half of the game.

It's cool to see Sager and Jordan in the same two-shot. Sager's one of the best in his business at what he does -- namely, interviewing basketball players and coaches and getting interesting thoughts out of them. Jordan is the best ever at what he did. This was a warmer side of Jordan we don't always see publicly, and it was a happy little moment.

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