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A devastated Roy Williams gave an emotional postgame interview after North Carolina’s loss

Given what North Carolina had been through, it's hard not to empathize.

After his team lost to Villanova in a preposterous last-second sequence in the national championship game, Roy Williams deserved to be pretty sad. And indeed he was, as he stood with Turner reporter Tracy Wolfson in a postgame interview. Williams was absolutely and understandably devastated, and there's little question that it was genuine.

Williams has coached for a really long time. He's won a lot of games, but he's lost a few, too. He hasn't lost many like this, though, because nobody has. He's been to Final Fours and not won the title before, sure, and he's lost 209 games in his career. But there's not a whole lot that can prepare someone for the emotional wringer that Carolina went through in the last five seconds of this game, from Marcus Paige's euphoric tying three-pointer to Kris Jenkins' deflating (for the Tar Heels) game-winner at the buzzer.

It's going to be a tough trip back to Chapel Hill.