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Denzel Valentine decides college basketball's Vine of the Year

We pulled in the Michigan State star to choose the year's best Vine.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN's College Basketball Awards air on Friday night to officially wrap up another year of college hoops. The show is set to honor the top player from all five position groups and will end with the presentation of the Wooden Award, the sport's most prestigious piece of individual hardware annually handed to the most outstanding player in the country.

We here at SB Nation like to give out our own awards, and we couldn't help but notice ESPN forgot about one of the year's most important distinctions. We are talking, of course, about Vine of the Year. Thankfully, Wooden Award nominee Denzel Valentine from Michigan State was nice enough to help us out and choose a winner.

What follows are four of the best Vines from this season of college basketball. We asked Valentine what he thought of all four and then made him pick a winner. In the interest of objectivity, we did not include anything Michigan State-related. Besides, the Vine of Tom Izzo playing the accordion was technically from last year.

Vanderbilt turns defense-to-offense with full-court halftime buzzer-beater

The Play: Vanderbilt's Matthew Fisher-Davis is a 6'5 shooter. His teammate Josh Henderson is a 6'11 center. The two players swapped roles in a February game at Florida, when Fisher-Davis blocked a shot at the rim and Henderson flung it the length of the court to beat the halftime buzzer.

Denzel, your thoughts?: "What? Wow. That's going to be tough to beat."

Wayne Selden's Uncle Anthony goes nuts after dunk vs. Baylor

The Play: Kansas' Wayne Selden split the Baylor defense in the first half of a Big 12 Tournament game and elevated for a great one-handed slam. His uncle Anthony was sitting in the stands, and his reaction was even more memorable than the dunk.

Denzel, your thoughts?: [Lots of laughing] "That's his uncle?"

We asked if any member of his family ever had a reaction that good to one of his plays while in the stands. He said no. It's a high bar to clear.

UNC big man eats up victory

The play: North Carolina was turning its Round of 32 game against Providence into a blowout when Brice Johnson cut through the Friars' defense in the second half for a big dunk. The bench ate it up, literally.

Denzel, your thoughts?: (Valentine did not seem to find this Vine as amusing as we do.)

Stunned security guard misses Kris Jenkins' game winner

The Play: Oh you know, just the greatest ending in the history of the NCAA Tournament. This security guard at NRG Stadium had the perfect reaction.

Denzel, your thoughts?: "I saw this. That's great."

And the winner is .....

Valentine: "Uncle Anthony. I would have lost it if I saw that."

Long live Uncle Anthony, king of memes: