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Jim Boeheim’s son hits first college shot right in front of his dad

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Every dad’s dream... sort of.

Montana v Syracuse Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

A year from now, Jim Boeheim will live out what one would assume has been a lifelong dream of his by coaching his son at Syracuse. Buddy Boeheim (2018) is a three-star shooting guard out of Brewster Academy (NH) who has already committed to play his college ball for the Orange.

On Friday, the elder Boeheim lived out another classic dad dream of having a son drill his first college shot attempt directly in front of him on the Syracuse bench. The only thing making that dream a non-traditional one is that Jimmy Boeheim is a freshman guard for Cornell.

Jimmy Boeheim was an all-Central New York selection as a senior at Jamesville Dewitt High School, where he averaged 22.3 points per game.