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Donald Trump declines ESPN’s offer to fill out March Madness bracket

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Andy Katz won’t be going to the White House to help the president fill out an NCAA Tournament bracket this year.

Donald Trump Holds Joint Press Conference With Israeli PM Netanyahu Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images

Donald Trump won’t be continuing Barack Obama’s tradition of filling out an NCAA Tournament bracket from the White House for ESPN. Trump declined the network’s offer to make bracket picks this year, according to the Washington Post.

Obama’s bracket picks for both the men’s and women’s tournaments became an annual tradition. The segment was a natural fit with Obama because of the former president’s passion for the sport. A White House spokeswoman said Trump would be interested in working with ESPN on other opportunities in the future.

Obama was about as good at picking as the rest of the country (not very). The president picked Indiana in 2013 (which lost in the Sweet 16) but did have eventual champion Louisville in the title game. The president had one Final Four team right in 2014, two teams right in 2015, and one correct Final Four prediction last year.

Maybe it’s for the best that Trump is sitting this one out. The man has never been great with colleges.