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SEC tournament hit with snow in Nashville 48 hours after it was 77 degrees


Mother Nature can indeed be a fickle mistress. On Thursday, it was sunny and 77 degrees in Nashville. A near-perfect spring day. Forty-eight hours later, it’s considerably cooler. Downtown Nashville is relatively covered by March snow:

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There is an 8 percent chance of snow in Nashville on a normal March 11. Clearly, today breaks the mold. Nashville did dodge a bullet because of the heat over the last few days. The snow didn’t get a chance to accumulate and make things a real mess in the Music City.

The remaining fan bases are at least cut out for this type of weather. Vandy fans live in Nashville, so theoretically they can just go home and get a coat. Kentucky, Alabama, and Arkansas fans also won’t be aliens in a cold-weather environment. It’s not like Florida and Texas A&M fans are trapped in Nashville with only shorts to wear.

Well, it seems like not all Florida fans made it out of Nashville on Friday night: