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Lonzo Ball's dad has a clothing line and he's selling $60 t-shirts

Big Baller Brand, y’all.

LaVar Ball, father of UCLA star Lonzo Ball, has another trick up his sleeve and this time it’s a lifestyle brand named “Big Baller Brand.” Yes. Big Baller Brand. BBB for short. It’s named after Ball’s three sons Lonzo, LiAngelo, and LaMelo Ball.

The brand’s mission statement is strong, which I guess any brand named Big Baller Brand should back it up with a mission statement like this.

Our mission is to provide a clothing line that is a reflection of what every Big Baller in the world expresses through what they wear. Trust Big Baller Brand as a Lifestyle for the latest in apparel fashion and design for any occasion. Welcome to our family.

So ... this is all fine but let’s get to what really matters here. These are average clothes that are ridiculously priced. I’m sorry but they look like the K-Mart version of Jordan Brand and I know you will agree.

Here is an extremely average t-shirt you can get for $60. Urban Outfitters gets away with a $38 t-shirt. This is just absurd.

Yet, the pricing actually makes no sense because a hooded Big Baller Brand sweatshirt is also $60. You’ve added more material, including sleeves and a hood yet the price is the same. There are a actually a few $70 sweatshirts though if that is more your style.

Here is where it gets fun. We’ve got $100 hats, y’all! Cork and mesh.

LaVar Ball is pretty adamant about his brand too. He spoke with Keyshawn Johnson and basically compared BBB to Jordan Brand.

“They’re kicking in the door, but they’re shocked at what I’m telling them. I said, ‘I’m not looking for no endorsement deal. I’m looking for a marketing and distribution deal.’ Branding. The only person doing that is (Michael) Jordan with Nike. That’s what we’re for. If Lonzo doesn’t sign with Adidas, Nike or Under Armour, guess what — I’ll sign the Big Baller Brand. We already got our own brand. Triple B’s. Lonzo is going to be the first one drafted with his own brand. That don’t happen.”

What’s even better is that LaVar likes his own brand so much that he gave the clothing to his kids for Christmas last year. They honestly look less than thrilled, but this entire video is fantastic.

You may be seeing plenty of LaVar in the tournament, with UCLA prepared for a potentially deep run. Check out our full NCAA bracket, updating live throughout March Madness. You can find a printable bracket here.