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Doug Collins was living and dying with Northwestern in March Madness

The pressure of March Madness isn’t for everyone.

We’ve seen Doug Collins do this before. The long-time NBA coach has been a fixture at Northwestern games this season as his son Chris Collins has led the Wildcats to their first-ever NCAA tournament appearance. If Chris mostly seems cool and calm on the sidelines, his old man is exactly the opposite.

Northwestern and Vanderbilt played the most heart-stopping game of the tournament so far, with the Wildcats winning in the final seconds after a terrible foul by Vandy. Collins could barely watch from the stands:

This is the face of a man who is not enjoying the intensity of March:

The good news: Collins eventually calmed down after the game.

He even posted for a very good selfie with ESPN’s Rachel Nichols:

With Northwestern moving on to play Gonzaga, we get another chance to see Doug Collins lose his mind. It’s only a game, my dude.