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March Madness 2017 results: Scores, bracket news, and more from Friday

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The first round of the 2017 NCAA tournament is officially in the books. Let’s relive all of Friday’s best action.

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-First Round-Kentucky vs Northern Kentucky Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Day two of the NCAA tournament is in the books. The top seeds remained unscathed, but it leaves us with an incredible slate of matchups in the second round.

The biggest surprise of Friday came when USC knocked off sixth-seeded SMU. The Trojans’ second half comeback makes them the latest First Four team to advance to the round of 32. USC will face No. 3 Baylor for the right to go to the Sweet 16 on Sunday.

For the second straight day, the best game of the day might have been the opener. This time it was Michigan and Oklahoma State in an offensive shootout, with Derrick Walton Jr. and the Wolverines coming away with the victory. Next up: a national title rematch with Rick Pitino and Louisville.

Before the second round slate begins on Saturday, let’s look back at the best moments from the first round. Here’s what the bracket looks like right now.

Friday live blog

12:18 a.m. — Final: Kentucky 79, Northern Kentucky 70

12:10 — Kentucky’s lead is down to only eight with 1:40 to go! Northern Kentucky won’t give up.

12:09 — Final: UCLA 87, Kent State 80

11:58 — Final: South Carolina 93, Marquette 73

11:51 — Lonzo Ball took a hard fall earlier in the game but remained played through it. UCLA currently leads Kent State 77-66 with 7:30 left in the second half.

11:48 — South Carolina starting to run away with the game now. The Gamecocks lead Marquette 84-69 with 3:45 remaining.

11:29 — Final: Michigan State 78, Miami 58

11:05 — South Carolina just took their first lead of the game at 41-40 with 18:57 left in the second half against Marquette. Since this game is in South Carolina, the arena absolutely sounds like a home game for the Gamecocks.

10:38 — NKU went on a 9-0 run and get within one point of No. 2 seed Kentucky but then UK responded with a 10-0 run of their own to push the lead to 33-21 with 4:09 left in the first half.

10:27 — Here we go. UCLA is off to a hot start, leading Kent State 16-2 with 14:12 remaining in the first half.

10:23 — No. 9 Michigan State leads No. 8 Miami at halftime, 38-27.

10:20 — Marquette went on a 7-0 run and jumped out to a 10-point lead over South Carolina, 26-16.

9:40 — Final: Cincinnati 75, Kansas State 61

9:39 — Final: Wichita St 64, Dayton 58

9:29 — This is the hardest screen you’ll see all weekend. OUCH.

9:23 — Dayton was down only five with :35 seconds remaining and just fouled Wichita St. on a three-pointer. Dayton now down seven, with :26.7 seconds to go.

9:22 — Final: Duke 87, Troy 65

9:07 — No. 10 Wichita St. has started to go on a run late in the second half and has a 51-46 lead over No. 7 Dayton with 4:22 to go.

9:00 — Final: Kansas 100, UC Davis 62

8:20 — Your reminder that Josh Jackson is GOOD.

8:11 — Jayson Tatum had a ridiculous block to end the half. Duke leads Troy 52-38.

7:52 — Dayton-Wichita St. is a great back and forth battle right now. Dayton leads 24-22 with 3:23 left in the first half.

7:43 — Kansas has separated themselves from UC Davis, lead 50-28 at the half.

7:26 — The NCAA tournament court in South Carolina had a loose board in the floor but they fixed it. Thank goodness.

7:14 — For now, 16-seed UC Davis is hanging with 1-seed Kansas. Kansas leads 21-19 with 8:20 left in the first half and Frank Mason III just threw a beautiful alley-oop to Josh Jackson.

6:48 — Final: Rhode Island 84, Creighton 72.

6:28 — Rhode Island has Creighton on the ropes, up 13 with 3:58 to go in the second half. Upset looking likely.

6:14 — Final: North Carolina 103, TX Southern 64

5:35 -- Here’s the shot that would have won it for SMU:

5:17 — SMU’s shot at the buzzer comes up just short and USC pulls a 1-point 11/6 upset. Second time in three years that the Mustangs have been dealt a heartbreaking loss by a First Four winner. Also continues the trend of at least one First Four winner winning a game in the main draw since the expansion of the tournament. Pretty crazy.

5:08 — Man, USC-SMU is all sorts of fun right now. Mustangs up by a bucket with a minute to go. Shake Milton is turning it on. Yeah, that’s right, SMU has an awesome point guard who wears short shorts and his name is Shake. Not sure why you’re reading this and not watching.

5:06 — Final: Louisville 78, Jacksonville State 63

4:55 — Rhode Island is having its way with Creighton early on. You had this upset. Everybody had this upset.

4:51 — SMU-USC is the only place to be right now. Ponies lead the Trojans by 2 at the under 8 and there are exciting players all over the court.

4:38 -- Not sure we’re going to see a better dunk this tournament than the one SMU’s Semi Ojeleye just threw down.

4:32 — If you’re looking for a summary of everything that went horribly, horribly wrong at the end of Seton Hall-Arkansas, we’ve got you covered.

4:25 — North Carolina now leads 22-10. Those first four minutes were incredible though.

4:20 — Here’s the NCAA’s coordinator of officiating breaking down the flagrant foul call that went against Seton Hall:

4:17 -- Texas Southern-North Carolina tied at 10 four minutes into the game, and I already love it so, so much. The Tigers are reckless.

4:11 — Butler Blue being banned from the NCAA tournament is the most pressing issue currently facing our country.

4:05 — Seton Hall fans are also very upset that this wasn’t called a travel in the final minute.

Regardless, Arkansas is moving on to face (likely) North Carolina. No disrespect to my man Trae Jefferson.

3:58 — Halftime scores:

Louisville 38, Jacksonville State 31

SMU 38, USC 30

The Ponies are looking good in front of a very pro-SMU crowd in Tulsa.

3:50 — Louisville has sort of regained control. They’re dominating the offensive glass against Jacksonville State, but still led by just five late in the first half. Oregon is on pace to finish with about 2,000 points against Iona.

3:47 — Here’s the questionable flagrant call at the end of Arkansas-Seton Hall.

3:38 — There have been atrocious decisions throughout this Seton Hall-Arkansas game, so an atrocious flagrant foul call in the final 20 seconds is really the only way it could have ended. Arkansas wins it, 77-71. Moses Kinglsey scored 23.

3:32 — Four years ago, Trey Burke led Michigan on a pretty magical March ride. Derrick Walton is sort of doing the same thing right now.

3:22 — Arkansas and Seton Hall are all tied up at 68 with about three minutes to go. Game is on TNT. That’s where your television should be.

3:08 — Soooo Jacksonville State has the first eight points against Louisville. Gamecocks coach Ray Harper has experience against the Cardinals. He was at Western Kentucky prior to making the move to the OVC.

3:05 — Khadeen Carrington is putting on a bit of a show for Seton Hall right now. The Pirates lead Arkansas by 6 with under 10 to go. Elsewhere, Oregon is having no trouble with Iona.

2:49 — Baylor has officially exorcised its first round demons by rolling over New Mexico State. Seton Hall-Arkansas is all knotted up at the start of the second half, and Oregon appears to be in control against Iona. Louisville-Jacksonville State is up next from Indy.

2:47 — Yeahhhh, that meaningless three at the buzzer was an all-time backdoor cover.

2:37 — For more on Michigan’s status as the hottest team in the country, allow me to direct your attention here.

2:31 — Michigan hits four straight clutch free-throws to seal the deal, but Jawun Evans hits a meaningless 3-pointer at the buzzer that ruins the day of everyone who had the Wolverines -2.5. Final score: Michigan 90, Oklahoma State 89. John Beilein’s team might be the hottest in the country, and he’ll probably now get a shot at redemption against Louisville on Sunday. The Cardinals dealt him a devastating defeat in the 2005 Elite 8 when he was at West Virginia, and then again in the 2013 national title game with Michigan.

2:26 — Nantz, Raftery and Kellogg are all being forced to share one mic, so now I’m happy again. This is great. Also, Michigan refuses to put this game away and leads by just 2 with 10 seconds left. Other games are also happening, but there’s no time for that right now.

2:20 — It’s fixed. Bummer.

2:18 — Major audio issues at the end of Michigan/Oklahoma State have left sideline reporter Tracy Wolfson as the only voice viewers can hear. This is her Veronica Corningstone moment.

2:14 — Oh man, Jawun Evans — Oklahoma State’s best player and one of the best free-throw shooters in the country — misses a key front-end of a 1-and-1. Going to be very hard for them to do this now. Michigan leads by 7 with a minute to go.

2:08 — Baylor has restored order and now leads New Mexico State by 13, which is good because Scott Drew probably wouldn’t have been allowed back in Texas if they’d lost. Meanwhile, Michigan and Oklahoma State haven’t missed a shot in approximately 15 hours. The Wolverines lead by five with a minute and a half to go. Arkansas and Seton Hall are also allegedly playing, but everyone’s still waiting for that report to be confirmed.

1:56 — If you feel like you’re seeing an uptick in short shorts this March, your eyes aren’t lying.

1:53 — Through 30 minutes, Michigan-Oklahoma State has been the most entertaining game of the tournament so far. Wolverines lead it, 70-64.

1:43 — Seton Hall-Arkansas has also tipped off, which is sort of like when Corky Romano is on at the same time as The Godfather and Goodfellas.

1:39 — Oklahoma State’s offense is absolutely rolling right now and they lead by six. The good thing about this game is that the Cowboys play such poor defense that even if they continue to extend their advantage the game is still going to be worth watching.

1:29 -- New Mexico State buries a trey just before the halftime horn, and they’ll carry a 2-point lead over Baylor into the locker room. This .... is officially a thing.

1:26 — Not a whole lot of defense being played in either of today’s opening games, and zero complaints about it from me. It was a long night, and we all need to be jolted back into the madness.

1:20 — Baylor leads by just one deep into the first half. If they lose this game, they don’t get to be a top four seed next year. Those are the new rules. I don’t care if they go undefeated. This would be a loss that would demand change.

1:10 — Tremendous half wraps up with Michigan on top, 41-40. Time to see what’s going on with Baylor.

1:05 — This is remarkably fun. My apologies to Baylor/New Mexico State and the very attractive storyline of the Bears trying to give another double-digit seed a March Madness moment, but I won’t be watching much of that one until halftime.

12:34 — Big Country!

Awesome. Also, how old are we all?

12:26 — Kicking today off with Michigan/Oklahoma State feels like diving into a filet before having a bite of salad or even taking a sip of water. I mean, this is delicious and fun and I’m not trying to complain. I just wish we could have saved this for a little bit later. Tremendous action so far in what could easily wind up being the game of the day.