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Jayson Tatum, projected lottery pick, obliterated 2 shots with no mercy

This is why he’s a projected high pick.

Jayson Tatum was everywhere for the Duke Blue Devils in their opening round victory against the Troy Trojans, recording 18 points, 12 rebounds, four steals, and four blocks. Two of those blocks were particularly filthy, starting with this one at the end of the first half.

Tatum leaps, hangs in the air for a while, and easily stuffs the layup attempt on the rim. On the next play, Tatum was even more vicious, throwing the block into the floorboard.

Tatum is projected as a high lottery pick, and his all-around game and high-key athleticism is what makes him such a strong prospect.

Duke looked good, letting Troy hang around only until the second half, where it pushed away for good. We’ll see how far the Blue Devils can advance in the tournament.