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Gregg Marshall's wife is profoundly lit for Wichita State at the NCAA tournament

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You go, Lynn.

Lynn Marshall is the wife of Wichita State Shockers men’s basketball head coach Gregg Marshall. She loves the Shockers.

That’s Lynn cheering on the Shockers as they take on the Kentucky Wildcats in the Round of 32. Lynn is LIT.

She’s cheering from the stands, surrounded by fans. This is pretty standard for Lynn — she likes to cheer from behind the bench.

That’s from the first round, when Wichita State topped Dayton.

She’s really into it for this game, too.

So into it, that security officers had to head over to her seat more than once.

Drew Franklin, a writer for Kentucky Sports Radio, was at the game and wrote about what he saw and what he experienced in person. According to his article, he posted video of her to Twitter followed by a visit from NCAA officials.

According to Drew, he was asked to no longer tweet about Lynn because it was “it made her upset.”

Lynn was asked to leave shortly after Wichita State’s loss to Kentucky because she was cursing loudly, according to the Associated Press. She was escorted by a police officer to her husband’s press conference, a job usually done by a school official, according to the AP.