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Duke’s playing South Carolina, so these UNC fans are rabid Gamecocks now

These guys have never been happier.


The 2-seed Duke Blue Devils are playing a virtual road game in Greenville, South Carolina, against the 7-seed South Carolina Gamecocks. These games were originally scheduled to be in Greensboro, N.C., but were moved because of a North Carolina state law that has been quite awful for local business, among other things. Coach K criticized the law days earlier.

Anyway, Duke is playing in the Carolinas, so archrival UNC fans stuck around after their own game earlier in the day to become die-hard fans of the other team with ___th Carolina in its name. Here was that particular moment:

It kept happening!


Deep into the second half, the Gamecocks have a shot to pull off the seven-point upset, boosted at least in part by a crowd that’s decidedly in their favor. Including some neighbors to the north.

UNC and USC have a minor rivalry of their own, mostly boiling down to which is the school most people think of when they use the word “Carolina.” They used to be conference foes and now occasionally play in football and basketball.