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A brief history of North Carolina’s Roy Williams giving the best daggum quotes

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We’re here to help you figure out what in the dickens the UNC coach is saying.

NCAA Basketball Tournament - First Round - Texas Southern v North Carolina Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Roy Williams is an old white dude who puts the majority of other old white dudes to shame. The North Carolina Tar Heels’ head coach is a Southern, grandfatherly figure who’s known for peppering his speech with adjectives like “daggum,” “dadgum,” “doggone,” “darn,” and other variations on the same theme.

Sure, Williams has been known to lose it courtside on occasion. If you’re a chair that happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, you might lose a leg or two. But what Williams lacks in calm, he makes up for in magnificent press conferences and soundbites.

As UNC gears up for the Sweet 16 on Friday, it only seems right that we revisit some of the legendary coach’s greatest moments. Here, without further ado, is the best shit Roy Williams has ever said.

On HB2, which he previously called “ridiculous” and “stupid,” after beating Notre Dame in the regular season:

"Everything's fine in Chapel Hill today. Restaurants are open. People can go to the bathroom and use whatever one they want.”

On President Donald Trump’s tweets:

“Now everybody’s has got social media, and we don’t need The New York Times to find out what in the dickens is going on in the country. You know, our president tweets out more bullshit than anybody I’ve ever seen.”

On Michael Jordan’s statement that “the ceiling is the roof:”

“I said I don’t care what he says. I said, ‘He’s Michael Jordan, anything he daggum wants to say is OK with me.’ And if anybody wants to criticize him, it’s probably those guys that aren’t Tar Heels … I would assume the phrase probably got mixed up with the sky’s the limit and let it go at that. But it means nothing to me whatsoever. It’s Michael Jordan – do what the dickens he wants to do.”

When he ripped into college analyst Doug Gottlieb and said he “couldn’t even put his dang pants on the right way:”

Talking about Joel Berry after the win over Arkansas:

“But I thought we were very unluckily there in a stretch. But to go 12-0 -- and the other thing is the little rascal over there ... he's a tough little nut out there today and helped us in every way possible.”

He called Berry a “tough little nut” again after UNC’s Sweet 16 win over No. 4 Butler.

This is not a statement, but it’s safe to say Williams doesn’t always love chairs:

When he said, “I’m too ticked off to think about any bullshit like that” after UNC lost to Kentucky in 2014:

When he said he couldn’t give “a flip” about the UNC coaching job while still at KU in 2003:

When he was pissed that UNC’s game against Providence in the second round of the NCAA tournament started too late last year:

“I’ve got to sit in the dadgum hotel room. I wake up at 6 in the morning, don’t go to work until frickin’ 9:30 at night.”

Keep on keepin’ on, Roy.