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Chris Webber berates refs for taking nearly 7 minutes to review clear WVU-Gonzaga call

Come on, refs.

Inside the two-minute mark of the Sweet 16 matchup between the No. 4 West Virginia Mountaineers and No. 1 Gonzaga Bulldogs, there was a play that took the officials almost seven whole minutes to review. The play in question involved WVU's Nathan Adrian saving the ball from going out of bounds. Originally, the refs ruled that he stepped out, which would give WVU the ball.

But after a looong time reviewing it, six minutes and 47 seconds to be exact, the refs finally reversed the call. In the video above, NCAA Tournament announcer Chris Webber was not happy throughout the review, and openly criticized the refs for taking such a long time — a criticism that, to be honest, was pretty warranted.

The call going in the Mountaineers’ favor turned out well, as WVU hit a three-pointer on the next possession.

We’ll see if we get more from Webber on this call and its long review.

Do better, refs.