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Frank Martin got doused in South Carolina’s celebration after clinching a Final Four berth

Make a Cinderella run to the Final Four, and you’re going to get wet.

South Carolina is in the Final Four. This came out of nowhere and has never, ever happened before. The Gamecocks, on one of the coolest Cinderella runs in recent March Madness history, are the talk of the NCAA tournament.

This calls for a celebration, so the Gamecocks celebrated. Here’s what it looked like when Martin’s players doused him with drinks after a win against Florida on Sunday punched their tickets to Glendale:

Pretty great! Life’s too short not to have a ball when you pull off incredible, unexpected achievements. That’s what the Cocks have done here.

South Carolina looks like it’s taking the time to enjoy itself, and that probably starts with Martin. The Gamecocks’ fifth-year head coach has been deeply introspective in his public comments this month, and he was emotional on the court after his team clinched its Final Four spot. An interview with CBS:

That’s a pretty nice garnet suit Martin’s got on. Here’s to hoping it dries out in time for him to wear it for the Cocks’ national semifinal against Gonzaga.