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Darius Rucker cried when South Carolina made its 1st Final Four and it was wonderful

“You can call me your fool, I only wanna be with you.”

Darius Rucker, lifelong fan of the South Carolina Gamecocks and frontman of the legendary Hootie and the Blowfish, couldn’t help but cry when South Carolina made it to its first Final Four ever on Sunday by defeating the Florida Gators, 77-70. The No. 7 seed Gamecocks are on a fantastic run led by coach Frank Martin and Rucker is loving every second of this moment.

I can’t help but watch this video while listening to “Hold My Hand” and “Let Her Cry” on loop in the background and it is an absolutely beautiful thing. Sports really are the best.

Darius is such a huge fan, he even watched their game on Friday night while still performing his concert.

Let ‘em cry, Hootie.