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Roy Williams on Donald Trump: ‘Our president tweets out more bulls*** than anyone I’ve ever seen’

Tell him, Roy.

Roy Williams has a way with words. The North Carolina coach gave the world another memorable quote on Thursday afternoon after his Tar Heels pounded Miami in their first game at the ACC tournament.

The ACC tournament is in Brooklyn this season after years in Greensboro, N.C. Williams was asked about the impact of the move to New York. This is how he answered:

Let us spell that out for you in big, bold letters:

“Now everybody’s has got social media, and we don’t need “The New York Times” to find out what in the dickens is going on in the country. You know, our president tweets out more bullshit than anybody I’ve ever seen.”

Here’s the video:

Roy, we salute you for using the phrase “what in the dickens” and taking a shot at Donald Trump seconds later. That’s how you do it.