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Zion Williamson is a man among boys and this block proves it

Zion Williamson's blocks are as spectacular as his dunks.

I have a theory: Zion Williamson — a high school basketball player who turned 17 years old last week and won’t begin his senior year until next month — is already more famous than at least 30 percent of the NBA. You have probably seen Williamson’s ruthless, ultra-powerful dunks on social media hundreds of times.

Can you say the same about Richaun Holmes? What about Tim Frazier? I’ve never seen Drake wear a Paul Zipser jersey, is all I’m saying.

Well, guess what: Zion Williamson can do more than dunk. He can also destroy you with a block. The carnage in the video above comes from the Adidas Gauntlet Finals in Spartanburg, South Carolina — which also happens to be Williamson's hometown.

That is an absolutely ridiculous block. Jerry Meyer of 247 Sports put it best:

True. Let’s just hope that other kid is OK. At this point, it’s not even fair to play Williamson against other 16- or 17-year-olds. He might accidentally crush them.