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Referee Ted Valentine apologizes to North Carolina’s Joel Berry

The two were involved in a controversial moment less than a month ago.

NCAA Basketball: Louisville at Notre Dame Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

In early January, well-known official Ted Valentine made headlines for turning his back on North Carolina’s Joel Berry when the 2017 Final Four Most Outstanding Player attempted to talk to Valentine about a no call.

The resulting controversy led to Valentine being removed from two Big Ten games he had been scheduled to work. In response to those moves, “TV Teddy” told The Athletic that he was mulling retirement.

“I’ve had enough of people blowing up stuff,” Valentine said. “I think I’ve had a stellar career, and I think it’s time to get ready to walk away.”

Apparently Valentine didn’t hold on to those beliefs for long, as he was back working games less than a week later.

On Saturday, Valentine found himself assigned to the North Carolina-Georgia Tech game in Chapel Hill. That meant his first face-to-face meeting with Berry since the controversial encounter a little over two weeks prior.

It would appear as though the two have buried any sort of hatchet that may have existed.

The heart of conference play always brings everyone together.