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This Zion Williamson block must be seen to be believed

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Williamson’s block against Princeton was so powerful it was actually scary.

You know all about Zion Williamson as a dunker. Everyone does. It’s how he amassed millions of social media admirers and a cult-like following before he ever went to senior prom.

By now, you should also know that Williamson is so much more than a dunker. One part of his game that isn’t getting nearly enough attention? His shot blocking ability. It was on full display early in the second half against Princeton on Tuesday.

Please, witness greatness:

Zion entered this game with 20 blocks in his first 10 games, but none of them have been as ridiculous as this one. This is the type of play that combines so much speed and so much power that it’s easy to worry Williamson will injure himself or someone else on the court. He plays with just that much fury.

Look at Williamson block the ball at the top of box on the backboard ....


... only to hit his tricep (or is it his lat?) against the backboard and fall to the ground.


Watch it again. Zion jumped from the middle of the paint to make this block. Zion bodychecked his own teammate to do it. It’s the type of force that Williamson and only Williamson can generate, and it’s spectacular to watch.

Those of us who have been following Williamson for years made an immediate connection when this block happened. It terms of raw athletic ability and wow factor, it was his best block since this one in high school:

At the time, Jerry Meyer, director of scouting for 247 Sports, tweeted this:

When Williamson’s block happened Tuesday, this scrolled across my Twitter timeline:

Zion Williamson: murder blocker. It’s the only way to sum it up.